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Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Driveway

An asphalt driveway is an excellent addition that boosts the look and value of your property. However, despite having a long lifespan, it still needs proper maintenance and care to preserve its function and beauty.  

Therefore, you should be wary of how to take care of your asphalt driveway before you hire a professional to install one on your property.  

The lifespan of your asphalt driveway will depend on several factors. This includes the maintenance and care it obtains, geology of the soil, quality of installation, and more.  

If you want to avoid wasting money on an unnecessary driveway replacement project, here are a couple of ways that can help improve the lifespan of your asphalt paving driveway: 


Over time, asphalt will lose its integrity. This is particularly true since it’s constantly exposed to various elements. Oftentimes, it is not a worthy investment to regularly patch your old driveway. The reason for this is that new problems will arise as soon as the resurfacing is done.  

Because of this, reconstruction is the more worthwhile solution if your asphalt driveway is more than 20 years old. It’s also an ideal choice if around 35% of the overall surface area of your driveway needs to be removed due to major damages.  

Resurfacing or Overlay 

If your driveway shows signs of severe cracking, pooling water, or wear and tear, resurfacing it with a new asphalt layer is your best bet. This is especially true if the base stays structurally stable.  

For those who don’t know, resurfacing is the process of adding a layer of asphalt to the existing surface. The new layer will be around 1-2 inches deep. The final product will look like a completely new asphalt driveway.  

However, you need to fix all existing damages first before you can overlay an asphalt driveway. This includes cracks, holes, and soft spots. Else, the old cracks will reflect through the newly applied layer as soon as possible.  

Resurfacing can add another 7-14 years to your driveway’s lifespan if done properly.  

Crack Sealing 

Sealing the cracks in your driveway every year will improve its lifespan. However, remember that doing this on a driveway that hasn’t been seal-coated might lead to an unappealing look. Thus, you might have to seal-coat your driveway first before you can seal the crack. 


Oftentimes, your driveway takes a lot of abuse every day. For example, the sun’s UV rays can break down the material and creates holes. Cracks can appear if water fills these holes. If you ignore these cracks, the liquids will expand. This makes the cracks and holes bigger.  

Because of this, you will have to protect your driveway by adding a layer of protection. This process is commonly known as seal-coating.  

It involves applying a high-quality sealant to the driveway’s surface to produce a protective layer that protects against water, oil, dust, and UV rays.  

Keep in mind that driveway sealers do not last forever. That is why professionals recommend you seal-coat your driveway every 2-3 years. This depends on the weather conditions of your region. 

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Things to Know About Buying New-build Homes

For all types of buyers, new-build houses are an appealing proposition. They are an excellent option, whether you are downsizing, have a growing family, or are a first-time buyer.  

However, you might face a couple of issues if you purchase new-build homes. This is particularly true if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

For those who don’t know, new-build homes are those which have never been lived in at all. To make things simple, it is a new property that has no previous owners.  

If you’re planning to buy a new-build house, you have to work with a professional Oahu real estate agent. Today, we’re going to talk about several things you should know about purchasing new-build homes.  

What If There is a Delay with the New-Build House? 

Despite laying out long-stop and short-stop dates, there are occasions where developers still have a hard time hitting completion deadlines. If this is the case, the solicitor needs to sign a warranty agreement that protects your deposit. It might even enable you to completely withdraw all your deposits and claim a full refund.  

When Will You Pay Tax on a New-Build House? 

So, how can you calculate tax on your new-build house? You may take several weeks to move in since new-build houses are sometimes unfurnished. This means it has no utilities, fittings, or fixtures.  

Luckily, you will obtain a 100% tax discount for the first month if your new-build house is uninhabitable and unoccupied. After one month, you will be subject to the regular tax rates for your region.  

When Should You Exchange Contracts on a New-Build House? 

Legally, exchanging contracts is the binding part of selling a house. However, the timeframe can differ when it comes to new-build houses. The reason for this is that you might wait for the development to finish.  

In addition to that, you should exchange contracts only after you have finalized the mortgage agreement and made preparations to make the needed deposit. Oftentimes, the deposit is 10% of the selling price. However, it can go up to 20%.  

After you take care of the formalities, you can exchange contracts around 1 month before the completion date.  

Reasons to Buy a New-Build House 

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new build house. However, there are also a lot of benefits that you can get. This includes: 

  • Oftentimes, you can buy new-build properties “off-plan”. This enables you to have a bit of input in the design. This includes the fittings, fixtures, and more.  
  • Since new-build houses need to follow the latest building codes, they are more energy-efficient compared to older houses in general.  
  • New-build houses are modern in structure and design. Because of this, they sometimes provide the latest in features and technology.  
  • A new-build house is a blank canvas. It has empty rooms and fresh walls. Thus, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to incorporate your style and personality.  
  • Buying a new-build house also gives you the chance to move in right away. This is especially true if you’re in a hurry.  
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What We Need to Understand Lawyer of Immigration?

This is a type of person or lawyer who will check things about your ability to immigrate or not. They have the best ideas about the policies and laws regarding the things that you need to follow or avoid. Of course, they have a special connection with the authorities to get more detailed concepts about what you need to do next with the process. This is why you need an Orlando immigration lawyer if you have some troubles with your papers or visa. They can give you some ways to solve those problems sooner 

If you have a problem with your green card or your benefits as an emigrant there, you can consult them. They are the ones professional to talk with since they know those policies that can give you hope in solving the problems. If you are currently residing outside the state of America, you can still consult a lawyer specializing in the immigration industry as his field. Of course, you should lower your expectations when it comes to the number of days or months before the trouble will be solved.   

This is the same case when you are trying to the processor to do the necessary steps for your parents or loved ones to be a legal citizen of the U.S. there. You should know and be more knowledgeable about the different policies and laws that you need to follow right there. If this is your first time, you should get the help of an expert to avoid those penalties that can be very shocking. There could be some rules that you are not that aware of, and you tend to make a lot of mistakes in doing the whole process.   

You can hire an immigration type of lawyer when you have a business in the state and are planning to hire someone outside the US. It is very nice that you will get the help as they have policies and ways to help you. Of course, if you are confused about your workers visa, and you need to know which one will be suitable to be getting, you need their help. It is a similar case when one of your family members is still outside of your place as and you wanted to get them so that you can leave with them sooner or later. Some people need help because of these court problems, and they have to face their lawyers too.  

Suppose you are confused about the differences when it comes to illegal and legal citizens. Then that will be a good way for the immigration lawyers to explain all the requirements and necessary steps for you to be part of that country or state. Remember that they have a system where they can check if you are a legal immigrant of that state in America. In case that you are not part of the list, then there is a possibility that you will be sent back home to your country. 

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